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2010 Adventures of Glinda Gale, The
2010 Borrowing Shop of Oz, The
2010 Bucketheads In Oz
2010 Cairn Terrier: Hero of Oz (Little Dogs Rock! II)
2010 Candy Cane: An Oz Christmas Tale
2010 Child of Oz
2010 Chin Testicle Saga: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2010 Designs on Film: A Century of Hollywood Art Direction
2010 Don and Vicki, Co-Rulers of Oz
2010 Dorothy & The Wizard's Wish
2010 Dorothy and the Computer Demons of Oz
2010 Dorothy: The Darker Side Of Oz
2010 Emerald Wonderland
2010 Encyclopedia of Magic Land, The
2010 Forever in Oz
2010 Friend of Dorothy (Comic Series #1-3)
2010 From Tennessee to Oz - The Amazing Saga of Judy Garland
2010 Havenly Dreams Beneath Oz
2010 If You Love a Magical Tale: Aladdin and The Wizard of Oz
2010 L. Frank Baum (Who Wrote That?)
2010 Land of Oz: Over the Rainbow at Beech Mountain, North Carolina
2010 Learn 'Em Good - Reading Comprehension - The Wizard of Oz: Improve Your Child's Reading Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, and Communication Skills with L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz
2010 Madison's Dorothy
2010 Over the Rainbow (Book & Audio CD)
2010 Oz: Dark & Terrible Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
2010 Ozopolis (Comic Series #1-4)
2010 Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baum, The
2010 Refugee in Oz, A
2010 Remembering Oz: My Journey with the Scarecrow
2010 Returning to the Land of Oz: Finding Hope, Love and Courage on Your Yellow Brick Road
2010 Shadow Demon of Oz
2010 Tales from the Crypt #9: Wickeder (Graphic Novel)
2010 Toto's Tale
2010 Universe of Oz: Essays on Baum's Series and Its Progeny, The
2010 Whatever Happened to Dorothy of Oz?
2010 Winkie Convention 2010, The
2010 Wiz of Iz, The
2010 Wizard of Oz Code, The
2010 Wizdom of Oz, The
2010 Wonderful Wizard of Az and Vice Wizard Sarah Palin, The
2010 Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2011 Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
2011 Adventures of Lefty in Oz, The (Vol. 1-5)
2011 Alice & Dorothy: A Fairytale of Sex, Drugs & Murder
2011 Booksurfers: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2011 Cyclone on the Prairies: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Arts & Crafts of Publishing in Chicago, 1900
2011 Dorothy of Oz: Volume 5
2011 Dorothy: The Darker Side of Oz Book 1
2011 Dr. Todd and the Magical Dental Chair to Oz
2011 Emerald City: The New Adventures of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
2011 Family of Oz
2011 Fantasy Baseball
2011 Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Lessons from the Wizdom of Oz
2011 Freud in Oz: At the Intersections of Psychoanalysis and Children’s Literature
2011 Helda the Red Witch of Oz
2011 Isla the Rat Terrier and the Wicked Witch of the Midwest
2011 It's All About Dorothy
2011 Judy Garland: The Other Side of the Rainbow
2011 Judy: A Legendary Film Career
2011 Magic Carpet of Oz, The
2011 Nightmares in Oz
2011 Of Cabbages, Kings and Even (Odd) Queens of Wonderland and Oz: A Gothic Young Adult Crossover Novel (Volume 1)
2011 Operation Ruby Slipper
2011 Out of Oz
2011 Oz and Ends: Wisdom from the Emerald City
2011 Oz Clan, The
2011 Oz Squad: March of the Tin Soldiers
2011 OZ The Musical
2011 Oz/Wonderland Chronicles, The: Book One (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2011 Oziana #39-40
2011 Oziana #41
2011 Ozma of Oz (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2011 Reading Promise, The: My Father and the Books We Shared
2011 Royal Historian of Oz, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2011 Silver Tower of Oz, The
2011 Sophie and the Wizard of Oz
2011 Talking City of Oz, The
2011 Unnaturally Green: One girl's journey along a yellow brick road less traveled
2011 Unofficial Guide to L. Frank Baum and the Oz Books, An
2011 When I Grow Up
2011 Wicked: A Musical Biography
2011 Winkie Convention 2011, The
2011 Wizard of Oz Scanimation: 10 Classic Scenes from Over the Rainbow
2011 Wizard The Pantomime The Script, The
2011 Woe Is Oz (Comic Series #1-6)
2011 Zen Master in Oz
2012 20,000 Leagues Under Oz
2012 After the Wizard
2012 Alice's Misadventures in Oz
2012 All-Action Classics No. 4: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Graphic Novel)
2012 Art of the Darkside of Oz, The
2012 Broken: A Mystical Trip Through Oz
2012 Case of the Ruby Slippers, The (First Kids Mystery)
2012 Colorful Corniness in Oz
2012 Da Yeller Brick Road
2012 Dancing in the Wind: A Short Story
2012 Daniel in Oz (
2012 Dark Witch of Oz, The
2012 Dorothy and the Lost Coal Mine to Oz
2012 Dorothy Gale: Vampire Hunter: Gathering Dark (Volume 1)
2012 Dorothy Of Oz Prequel (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2012 Emerald City, The (Osland Trilogy, Book One)
2012 Enchanted Steps
2012 Everything Oz: The Wizard Book of Makes & Bakes
2012 Fairy Tales on the Stage
2012 Giant Chinchilla of Oz, The
2012 Hackers of Oz, The
2012 Helda the Blue Witch of Oz
2012 Helda the Green Witch of Oz
2012 Helda the Yellow Witch of Oz
2012 Illustration #17
2012 Land of Oz is For Everyone, The
2012 Land of Oz Quiz Book: Questions and Answers about L. Frank Baum
2012 Legend of Oz; The Wicked West Vol. 1 (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2012 Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation
2012 Marvelous Land of Oz, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2012 Mutiny In The Land Of Oz
2012 Namesake: Book 1
2012 No Place Like Home
2012 No Place Like Home (Comic Series #1-5)
2012 Outsiders From Oz
2012 Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Book Two (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2012 Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu, The
2012 Oziana #42
2012 Powder of Life, The: A Sequel to the Novel Silver Shoes
2012 Princess and the Poor Boy, The
2012 Purple Platypus In: The Wizard of Oz
2012 Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road
2012 Quest For The Dark Well In The Land Of Oz
2012 Reading Help in Oz
2012 Real Wizard of Oz, The
2012 Red Gorilla of Oz, The
2012 Road to Aj, The
2012 Royal Explorers of Oz: Book 1
2012 Royal Explorers of Oz: Book 2
2012 Royal Historian of Oz, The
2012 Santa Claus in Oz
2012 Shadow of Oz
2012 Tales of Yot
2012 Tales Told in Oz
2012 Twistered
2012 Way of Oz: A Guide to Wisdom, Heart, and Courage
2012 Winkie Convention 2012, The
2012 Witch Queens, The (The Hidden History of Oz)
2012 Wizard of MGM, The: Memoirs of A. Arnold Gillespie
2012 Wizard of Oz as American Myth, The: A Critical Study of Six Versions of the Story, 1900-2007
2012 Wizard of Oz Encyclopedia, The: The Ultimate Guide to the Characters, Lands, Politics, and History of Oz
2012 Wizard of Oz With Three-Dimensional Pop-Up Scenes, The
2012 Wizard of Us, The: Transformational Lessons from Oz
2012 Wizards of the Odd Zoo, The
2012 Yip Harburg: Legendary Lyricist and Human Rights Activist
2013 1899: L. Frank Baum's OZ-Inspiring Macatawa Park
2013 Abaddon Rising
2013 Along the Yellow Brick Road: Two Years Blogging on the Road to Oz
2013 And Justice for Oz
2013 Art of Oz The Great and Powerful, The
2013 Biting Oz
2013 Bungle of Oz
2013 City of Emeralds, The (The Oz Saga Volume 1)
2013 Crown of the Dreamer (The Hidden History of Oz)
2013 Disney Twenty-Three: Spring 2013
2013 Dorothy & the Wizard in Oz (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2013 Dorothy Through the Looking Glass (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 2)
2013 Dorothy's Daydreams of Oz
2013 Dorothy’s Wizard (Mind Control BDSM)
2013 Ellie McDoodle Diaries, The: The Show Must Go On
2013 Emerald Slippers of Oz, The
2013 Emeralds: Hearts In Oz
2013 Emily Goes to Oz
2013 Essential Wizard of Oz: 101 Things You Didn't Know About the Most-Watched Movie in Film History, The
2013 Evil Emerald Village of Oz, The
2013 Fifty Shades of Oz
2013 Legend of Oz; The Wicked West Vol. 2 (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2013 Legend of Oz; The Wicked West Vol. 3 (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2013 Lights of Oz, The
2013 Lost in Oz
2013 Lost in Oz: Temple of the Deadly Desert
2013 Lost Lands of Oz: The Rain King Is Missing
2013 Love Dorothy from Oz Tralia
2013 Magic Of Glinda, The
2013 Mysterious Tintype of Oz, The
2013 Nelebel's Fairyland
2013 No Place Like Oz (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 1)
2013 Northern Oz - Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
2013 Origin of the Wizard of Oz, The
2013 Oz Enigma, The
2013 Oz House
2013 Oz Reimagined: Dorothy Dreams
2013 Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond
2013 Oz The Great and Powerful: A Magical Sticker Set
2013 Oz The Great and Powerful: Land of Oz, The (World of Reading)
2013 Oz The Great and Powerful: The Movie Storybook
2013 Oz The Great and Powerful: Witches of Oz, The
2013 Oz The Great and Powerful: With 8 Pages of Photos From The Movie! (Junior Novelization)
2013 Oz, Wizard Deluxe
2013 Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Prelude, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2013 Oziana #43
2013 Patchwork Girl of Oz, The: A Musical Wonderment in Two Acts and Five Scenes
2013 Professor Wogglebug and the Frogman of Oz
2013 Purple Bull From Oz, The
2013 Rainbow's Emissary (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Book 1)
2013 Red Brick Road, The
2013 Refugees From The Emerald City
2013 Road to Oz, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2013 Royal Explorers of Oz: Book 3
2013 Shirley Temple and Judy Garland: Hollywood's Most Famous Child Stars
2013 Storybook Square
2013 Take Me Back to Oz
2013 Terrible Zombie of Oz, The
2013 Toto and the Cats of Oz
2013 Toto's Reflections: The Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz
2013 Tribute: L. Frank Baum The Wizard of Oz (Comic Book One Shot)
2013 Untold Adventures of the Visitors From Oz, The
2013 Winkie Convention 2013, The
2013 Wiz Kids of Oz, The (Bound Into The Classics Volume 3)
2013 Wizard In Wonderland, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 1)
2013 Wizard of Oz Mad Libs, The
2013 Wizard of Oz, The: 75th Anniversary Edition
2013 Wizard of Oz, The: The 1903 Musical Extravaganza
2013 Wizard of Oz, The: The Official 75th Anniversary Companion
2013 Wogglebug's Fun With Seasons and Holidays, The
2013 Wonderful Images of Oz
2013 Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The - Daventry Classics Annotated Edition
2014 Abducted to Oz (A Twisted Erotic Fairy Tale)
2014 Adventures with Google Books Lyman Frank Baum
2014 Always for Judy: Witness to the Joy and Genius of Judy Garland
2014 Annie's Stories
2014 Audacious Kids: The Classic American Children's Story
2014 Bad Wizard
2014 Battle for Oz (RPG)
2014 Bewitched in Oz
2014 Brief Guide to Oz, A (Going Over the Rainbow)
2014 CBS Watch! Presents: The Wizard of Oz on CBS
2014 Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die Book 1)
2014 Emerald City of Oz, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2014 Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Oz Age of Darkness
2014 Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz
2014 Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales From Oz Vol. 1
2014 How the Wiz Was
2014 Humpty Dumpty's Son
2014 Images of Oz
2014 Judy Garland 60 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about Judy Garland
2014 Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters
2014 Judy Garland: Little Woman, Big Talent
2014 Legend of Oz; The Wicked West (Comic #16-18 & Scarecrow Specials #1-2)
2014 Legend of Oz; The Wicked West Vol. 4 (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2014 LIFE The Wizard of Oz: 75 Years Along the Yellow Brick Road
2014 Magic Umbrella of Oz, The
2014 Magic Umbrella of Oz, The: Deluxe Edition
2014 Martian Invasion of Oz, The: A Sorta Sequel to A Zen Master in Oz
2014 New Oz
2014 Of Dismal Things to Do and Deeply Sympathizing
2014 Oz Omnibus of Talking City Tales, The
2014 Oz: The Final Journey
2014 Oziana #44
2014 Ozma of Oz or The Magnet of Love: A Musical Extravaganza In Two Acts
2014 Paradise Lost (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Volume 3)
2014 Queen of Sky Island
2014 Return to Oz, A
2014 Return to Return to Oz and Other Tales
2014 Revenge Of The Dark Witch Of Oz: The Illustrated Screenplay
2014 Royal Grandmother (and Granddaughter) of Oz, The
2014 Sky Pyrates Over Oz
2014 Steam Engines of Oz, The (Comic Book Collected Edition)
2014 Thea of Oz (The Ozite Cycle) (Volume 1)
2014 Tin Man of Oz (Shadow of Oz: Volume 2)
2014 Toto's Adventures with Dorothy
2014 Ui: Realm of the Eight Hands
2014 Under The Rainbow: The Return From Oz
2014 Way of A Lion, The: A Tale of Oz
2014 Western Pennsylvania History: Summer 2014
2014 Wicked Witch of the West: Munchkin Killer, The
2014 William Stout's World of Oz
2014 Winkie Con 50
2014 Witch Hunt (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Book 2)
2014 Witch Must Burn, The (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 2)
2014 Wizard of Oz FAQ, The: All That
2014 Wizard of OZ, Where Is He Now?, The
2014 Wizard of Oz: An Over-the-Rainbow Celebration of the World’s Favorite Movie
2014 Wonderful Alice of Oz, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 3)
2014 Wonderful World of Oz, The: An Illustrated History of the American Classic
2014 Yellow Flick Road, The
2015 Adolf Hitler in Oz
2015 Adolf Hitler in Oz: Deluxe Edition
2015 Adventure of Snowpatch in Oz, The
2015 All I Need to Know I Learned from the Wizard of Oz
2015 An Unkindness of Ravens (The Jabberwocky Book 2)
2015 And Toto, Too: The Wizard of Oz as a Spiritual Adventure
2015 Banished from Oz (Abducted to Oz Book 2)
2015 Battle For Oz, The
2015 Baum Ass Stories: Twistered Tales of Oz
2015 Cherrywood Challenge 2014, The: The Wicked Book
2015 Choose Your Own Oz
2015 Damage, The (Ruby Slippers Volume 2)
2015 Dorothy Does Oz: The Complete Story
2015 Dorothy Gale: Vampire Hunter 2: Darkness Falls (Volume 2)
2015 Emerald Door, The
2015 Emerald Spectacles (The Hidden History of Oz)
2015 Evil of Oz, The
2015 Fifty Years of the Winkie Convention
2015 First Nail: An Omby-Amby Adventure (The Hidden History of Oz)
2015 Flight to Oz: Book I, The: Arrival
2015 Glinda Letters, The (The Hidden History of Oz)
2015 Grimm Fairy Tales: Reign of the Witch Queen
2015 Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales From Oz Vol. 2
2015 Grimm Fairy Tales: Warlord of Oz
2015 Heart of Tin (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 4)
2015 Josephus of OZ: Following The Yellow Brick Road To Find The Author of the New Testament
2015 Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me...: A Memoir
2015 Key to Oz, The
2015 Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms, The
2015 Law of Oz, The
2015 Leaving Oz
2015 Lighthouse of Oz, The
2015 Lonely Phonograph of Oz, The
2015 Magic Scroll of Oz, The
2015 Marvelous Neverland of Oz, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 4)
2015 Minecraft Steve Adventures: The Wizard Of Iz (Graphic Novel)
2015 Murder, Most Sincerely
2015 New Witch of Oz
2015 Of Cabbages, Kings, Queens, Flying Pigs, and Dismal Things
2015 Of The Woods
2015 Over the Rainbow: The Life and Rhymes of Yip Harburg
2015 Oz-Stravaganza Yearbook 2015
2015 Oz, Dog of the Del
2015 Oziana #45
2015 Polychrome: A Romantic Fantasy
2015 Queen Ann in Oz: Deluxe Edition
2015 Radioactive Teddy Bear From Hell Destroys Oz!
2015 Rainbow Daughter in Oz, The
2015 Red King, The (The Jabberwocky Book 1)
2015 Reflections of Yellow Brick
2015 Scarecrow
2015 Scarecrow's Brane, The: A Science Fiction Counter-Fantasy...and Futuristic Fairy Tale (Adventures of the Brane Child) (Volume 2)
2015 Spelled
2015 Straw King (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 5)
2015 Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House (The Hidden History of Oz)
2015 Tails of Oz
2015 Thief, The (Ruby Slippers Volume 1)
2015 Tik-Tok and the TimeKeeper's Clock
2015 Tik-Tok Man of Oz, The: The Complete Surviving Sheet Music
2015 Topaz Road, The: Book One of The Topaz Road Trilogy
2015 Toto's Tale and True Chronicle of Oz
2015 Twister, The
2015 Undead Oz: A Trip To The Land Down Under
2015 Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz, The
2015 Wicked Will Rise, The (Dorothy Must Die Book 2)
2015 Willy's Stories
2015 Wisdom from Pooh Corner, Alice's Looking Glass, and Other Unlikely Places
2015 Witch Of Zal, The
2015 Wizard of Oz Guide to Correctional Nursing, The: This Isn't Kansas Anymore, Toto!
2015 Wizard of Willow Park, The
2015 Wizard Returns, The (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 3)
2015 Wogglebug's Hidden Truth Behind the History of Oz, The
2015 Wogglebug's Second Time Around, The
2015 Wonderful Witch of Oz, The
2015 Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gangster Style, The
2015 Yellow Brick Road to Better Living, The: A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Workbook for the Young and Young at Heart
2015 Ziggy the Corgi in Oz: A Word Free Picture-book
2016 Adventures of Hillary Clinton in the Land of the Wizard, Bill Gates, The
2016 After Th'oz: A Collection Of Mostly Fictional After-Thoughts On The Land Of Oz
2016 Art of the Hollywood Backdrop, The
2016 Blackjack: Dark End of the Rainbow (Rapid Fire) (Volume 1)
2016 Candor Bandersnatch and the Secret Gate of Oogaboo (The Hidden History of Oz)
2016 Centrix and New Friends by Mona Beatrix: Inspired from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
2016 Children's Fantasy Literature: An Introduction
2016 Color the Classics: The Wizard of Oz: A Coloring Book Trip Down the Yellow-Brick Road
2016 Darkness Bites: Volume 5
2016 Dorothy and the City of Green Glass: Book Two of The Topaz Road Trilogy
2016 Dorothy and the Four Corners of Magic: Book One of The Topaz Road Trilogy
2016 Dorothy and Toto: Little Dog Lost
2016 Dorothy and Toto: The Disappearing Picnic
2016 Dorothy and Toto: The Hunt for the Perfect Present
2016 Dorothy and Toto: What's YOUR Name?
2016 Dorothy Gale, Zombie Slayer
2016 Dorothy Jones - A Jazz Age Trip Through Oz
2016 Dorothy Must Die Stories Volume 1: No Place Like Oz, The Witch Must Burn, The Wizard Returns (Dorothy Must Die Novella))
2016 Dorothy Must Die Stories Volume 2: Heart of Tin, The Straw King, Ruler of Beasts (Dorothy Must Die Novella)
2016 Dorothy: Part One - The Heart & The Demon
2016 En Otro Oz: Poems
2016 Erotic Wizard of Oz
2016 Fairy Tale Fashion
2016 Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Buddhist Take on The Wizard of Oz
2016 Hearts In Oz
2016 Hollywood's Babe: Dancing Through Oz
2016 Hong Kong Fairy Tales: Classic Tales and Legends Told the Hong Kong Way
2016 If I Only Had a Brain: A modern-day journey to
2016 Journey to Oz
2016 Judy Garland Handbook, The - Everything You Need To Know About Judy Garland
2016 Land of Oz, The (Images of Modern America)
2016 Lessons From The Land Of Oz: 4 Week Sermon Series for Students
2016 Librarian, The: Book One - Little Boy Lost
2016 Librarian, The: Book Two - Unhappily Ever After
2016 Magic Below (Bewitched in Oz Book 2)
2016 Management Lessons from Oz: Leading from Courage
2016 Munchkin #19 (Comic Book One-Shot)
2016 My Besties Of Oz Coloring Book
2016 No Wizard Required: 20 Spiritual Lessons Dorothy learned on her journey to Oz
2016 Nomes of Oz
2016 Oh, My God!: Moving Beyond Emerald City
2016 Orb of Neverland, The
2016 Order of the Wicked (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 7)
2016 Other Wizard of Oz, The (Shadow of Oz Volume 3)
2016 Oz Files, The
2016 Oz No Place Like Home (Comic Book One Shot)
2016 Oz Sucks
2016 Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage
2016 Oz: The Time of Shadows
2016 OzCon 2016
2016 Oziana #46
2016 Oziana Stories of Gina Wickwar, The
2016 Queen of Oz, The (Lost and Found Literature) (Volume 1)
2016 Revisiting Imaginary Worlds: A Subcreation Studies Anthology
2016 Road to Oz, The: Question and Answer Book
2016 Ruler of Beasts (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 6)
2016 Sorcerer of WIZ, The
2016 Taunt: A Twisted Wolf Tale
2016 There's No Place Like Home
2016 Tinker Smith and the Conspiracy of Oz
2016 Toto's Story: My Amazing Adventures with Dorothy in Oz
2016 Toto's Tale: An Adaptation of L. Frank Baum's the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2016 War of Oz, The (The Legends of Oz Book 1)
2016 Wastelands of Oz (Return to Oz: Volume 1)
2016 Wicked Witches Return, The
2016 Wizard of Oz Activity Book – Ladybird Readers Level 4, The
2016 Wizard of Oz as a Parable, The
2016 Wizard of Oz Coloring Book, The
2016 Wizard of Oz, The
2016 Wonder
2016 Wonderful Andrew of Oz, The: A
2016 Wonderful Wizard of Bacon, The
2016 Wonderful Wizard of Oz & The Marvelous Land of Oz, The Manga Illustrated Classics
2016 Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Re-Imagine, Re-Twisted, The
2016 Worlds of Color: Welcome to Oz Adult Coloring Book
2016 Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die Book 3)
2016 Zombies of Oz, The
2016 Zosozo in Oz (The Ozite Cycle) (Volume 2)
2017 1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year
2017 Adventures in Oz, Vol. 2
2017 Answer Lies in Oz, The
2017 Arlen and Harburg's Over the Rainbow
2017 Banished
2017 Baum Ass Stories 2: Gayle Force
2017 Becoming Judy Garland
2017 Behind the Emerald Door of Oz: The Untold Truth
2017 Bibliographia Baumiana: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Non-Oz Books by L. Frank Baum
2017 Black Eyed Susan
2017 Book Of Jinnis: A group of Wizard of Oz Tales From the US Midwest, with origins in Islam and Central Asia, White Arabs
2017 Breaking Silver: Part 3
2017 Breaking Silver: Part 4
2017 Breaking Silver: Part 5
2017 Breaking Silver: Parts 1 and 2
2017 Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 1
2017 Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 2
2017 Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 3
2017 Childhood and Pethood in Literature and Culture: New Perspectives in Childhood Studies and Animal Studies
2017 Chopper (Hidden Heroes of Oz)
2017 Cozy Classics: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2017 Crochet Stories: L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2017 Curse of Magic, The: Oz Series Book 2
2017 Dark Days of Dorothy Gale: Oz
2017 Dark Dreams in Oz (The Hidden History of Oz)
2017 Dark Rainbow, The
2017 Dark Side of the Rainbow (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 8)
2017 Dark Wind in Oz: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (The Hidden History of Oz)
2017 Dorothy Must Die Stories Volume 3: Order of the Wicked, Dark Side of the Rainbow, The Queen of Oz (Dorothy Must Die Novella)
2017 End of Oz, The (Dorothy Must Die Book 4)
2017 Even More Tails of Oz
2017 Expanding Adaptation Networks: From Illustration to Novelization (Palgrave Studies in Adaptation and Visual Culture)
2017 Fairy Wand of Oz
2017 Falling For Oz: A Romantic Retelling
2017 Fiery Friendship, A (Ages of Oz Book 1)
2017 Flight to Oz Book II, The: Anusha of Oz
2017 Forever In Oz
2017 Fractured: Dereck Dillinger and the Shortcut to Oz
2017 From Oz to Om: The Spiritual Journey Home
2017 Glinda's Letters to Oz (The Hidden History of Oz)
2017 Hidden History of Oz, The: An Introduction to Oz Before Dorothy
2017 Judy and I: My Life with Judy Garland
2017 Kate & Mim-Mim: Kate in Oz
2017 King Rinkitink
2017 Leadership Secrets of Oz: Strategies from Great and Powerful to Flying Monkeys - Unleash Some Magic in Your Management, The
2017 Life & Adventures of Santa Claus, The
2017 Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, The
2017 Lion Shifter of Oz: Shifter Romance
2017 Lucid Land Of Oz, The
2017 Magical Golden Rainbow Book of Crappy Wizard of Oz Movies, The
2017 Make Oz Great Again (Correctly Political Tales)
2017 Man from Nonestica: Exodus, The
2017 Manor House of Oz
2017 No Place Like Home
2017 No Place Like Home
2017 No Place Like Oz
2017 Not In Kansas Anymore
2017 Of Witches and Wizards (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 9)
2017 Orphan Sorceress of Oz, The: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (The Hidden History of Oz)
2017 Over the Rainbow: God's Eye for the Gay Guy
2017 Oz
2017 Oz Behind the Iron Curtain: Aleksandr Volkov and His Magic Land Series
2017 Oz Is Kansas
2017 Oz the Great and Powerful (Audiobook)
2017 Oz Will Fall: The Grimoire
2017 Oziana #47
2017 Ozzymandias of Oz
2017 Perverts of Oz - 1: Taken by Toto in the Tornado
2017 Peter of Oz (Oz-Wonderland Series Book 5)
2017 Phantom of Oz, The
2017 Prankster of Oz, The
2017 Pystrior Marthys Pow Òz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in Cornish
2017 Queen of Oz, The (Dorothy Must Die Series Prequel Book 9)
2017 Return From Oz
2017 Royal Explorers of Oz, The: Book 4
2017 Ruby Slips and Poker Chips: The Modern Tale of Dorothy Gale
2017 Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road: The Spirituality of Oz
2017 Sherlock Holmes and the Wicked Wizard of Oz
2017 Short
2017 Spiritual Insights from Classic Literature: The Wizard of Oz
2017 Swagger of Dorothy Gale: & Other Filthy Ways to Strut, The
2017 Tick Tock Character-OZ-Ation: Character Development 101
2017 Toto: The Dog-Gone Amazing Story of the Wizard of Oz
2017 Trump Versus Glinda: The Secret of Everything #Post-Truth
2017 Uncle Henry Seduces Dorothy: Taboo Fairy Tales
2017 Wanted
2017 Why I Am Still a Catholic: From the Land of OZ to the Subversive Nazarene Truth (Volume 3)
2017 Wicked Witch (Haunting Fairytales Series Book 4)
2017 Wicked Wizard of Oz Colouring Book, The
2017 Wicked Wizard of Oz, The
2017 Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult
2017 Winnie's Courage (Getting Back to Oz Book 1)
2017 Witches Of Oz, The (Jenny Polo Book 1)
2017 Wizard of AAAHHS!, The
2017 Wizard of Oz (10 Minute Classics)
2017 Wizard of Oz Coloring Book, The
2017 Wizard's Cookbook: Magical Recipes Inspired by Harry Potter, Merlin, The Wizard of Oz, and More, The
2017 Woe Is Oz Adult Coloring Book: Volume 1
2017 Wonderful Whoah Wizard Of Oz, The
2017 Wonderful Wizard of Futhermucking Oz, The
2017 Wonderland: Land of Oz - Where Is That Wizard (Wonderland: The Fairytale Continues Volume 5)
2018 Abracadabra
2018 Adapting The Wizard of Oz: Musical Versions from Baum to MGM and Beyond
2018 Alice Games
2018 As The Stars Allow
2018 Assassin of Oz, The (The Twisted and the Brave Book 2)
2018 Bell, Book and Camera: A Critical History of Witches in American Film and Television
2018 Bewitching Queen, The
2018 Big Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 1)
2018 Brain. A Heart. The Nerve., A
2018 Breaking Silver: Parts 6 and 7
2018 Brothers of the Zodiac: Leo
2018 Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 4
2018 Cardboard King in Oz, The
2018 Cinema Study Guide for The Wizard of Oz
2018 Classics: The Boy Who Went To Oz
2018 Dark Descent, A (Ages of Oz Book 2)
2018 Dorothy Does Oz Again: The Humpy Road to Oz
2018 Dot's Slippers
2018 Down the Yellow Brick Road: Land of Oz, Beech Mountain, NC 2008
2018 Dreamer in Oz, A
2018 Emerald Wars, The
2018 First Witches of Oz, The
2018 Friends of Dorothy: Why Gay Boys and Gay men Love The Wizard of Oz
2018 Generation Oz Trilogy
2018 Getting Back to Oz Book 2: Dorothy's Wisdom
2018 Good: Glinda The Good And The Plot Against The Wicked Witch Of The North
2018 Guardian Martyr: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (Hidden Heroes of Oz)
2018 Hairy Of Oz
2018 Halloween in Oz
2018 Hard Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 2)
2018 Hearts Unbroken
2018 I've Got a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore
2018 Judy Garland Biography: The Real Life of Dorothy from The Magical Land of Oz
2018 Land of Oz 2009: Color, The
2018 Land of Oz 2015: Sculptures and Roads, The
2018 Land of Oz: A Foggy Theme Park in Black and White, The
2018 Land of Oz: A Sunny Day in Black and White, The
2018 Land of Oz: The Park in 2015, The
2018 Little Dorothy Meets The Wizard Of Oz - Story & Poem: an amusing version of the classic tale for children age 5-9
2018 Lost Coven, The
2018 Lost Girls (Expanded Edition)
2018 Lost Histories from the Royal Librarian of Oz
2018 Lost on the Yellow Brick Road
2018 Lost Tales of Oz, The
2018 Magic Belt, The
2018 Misty Shadows of OZ (The Forgotten Children of Oz Volume 1)
2018 Mother's Splendid Curse (A Witch's Story): A Kingdom of Dreams Novella
2018 Necrozmancy: A Short Horror Story
2018 No Place Like Home
2018 NonBinary Review #3: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2018 Northern Oz - Beyond The Yellow Brick Road: Revised Edition
2018 Not in Kansas (Kinky Oz Book 1)
2018 Nothing Matters More Than This Day Dorothy
2018 O.Z. Diggs Himself Out
2018 Once Upon A Quest: Fifteen Tales of Adventure
2018 Oz
2018 Oz House Reopened: The Curse of Budistiltskin
2018 Oz, Wonderland & Other Places
2018 Oziana #48
2018 Ozland (Everland, Book 3)
2018 Padded
2018 Red Brick Road, The
2018 Road to Oz: The Evolution, Creation, and Legacy of a Motion Picture Masterpiece, The
2018 Road to Wicked: The Marketing and Consumption of Oz from L. Frank Baum to Broadway, The
2018 Ruby Caverns of Oz (The Ozite Cycle) (Volume 3)
2018 Ruby Slippers of Oz, The: Thirty Years Later
2018 Ruggedo in Oz
2018 Salma and the Play From Oz (Salma's Stories Book 2)
2018 Sassy Ann and Teddy Bear in Oz
2018 Scarecrow: Tales from Oz: A Wizard of Oz Retelling (Dark Fairy Tales Book 1)
2018 Searching for Oz
2018 Secret In The Pumpkin Seeds: A Short Story Thriller
2018 Shadow of Oz, The
2018 Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Mickey Rooney: Hollywood’s Child Stars of the 1930s
2018 Skoobing: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:
2018 State of Oz, The
2018 Superb Owl of Oz, The
2018 True Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 3)
2018 Truth About: Dorothy, The
2018 Umbrellaphant in Oz
2018 Upon the Name of Oz
2018 Visions of Oz: Stories inspired by L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from students at Pelham Memorial High School
2018 Voz
2018 West of Oz, Vol. 1
2018 Wicked Origins
2018 Wicked Witch of the West: Kansas or Bust!, The
2018 Wicked Witch: a Retelling of The Wizard of Oz (Fairy Tales Reimagined, Book 3)
2018 Wiley Wiggens and the Wishing Horse of Oz
2018 Winnerfu Warlock o Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in North-East Scots (Doric) (Scots Edition), The
2018 Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales) Book 2
2018 Wizard of Awes: Lessons Learned in the Land of Oz, The
2018 Wizard of Ozzy Osbourne, The
2018 Wonderful Animated World of The Wizard of Oz, The
2018 Wonderful Lesbians of Oz, The: An Erotic Romance
2018 Yookoohoos of Oz
2019 2019 Poetry Challenge: Chemistry / L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz / Tricubes
2019 Adventures of Dorothy and Toto, The
2019 Almira's Heart (Getting Back to Oz Book 3)
2019 American Oz Maker
2019 Asalto a Oz: Antología de relatos de la nueva narrativa queer
2019 Beaut Book Of The Happy Hamburgs, The
2019 Beyond Oz
2019 Cheshire Crossing
2019 Darker Days of Dorothy Gale (The Dark Side of Oz)
2019 Delish Daughters Of Diverse Destiny
2019 Delusions Beyond the Deadly Desert: A Novella of Oz
2019 Desiring Dorothy (Men of Oz Book 1)
2019 Dorothy In the Land of Monsters (Oz ReVamped Book 1)
2019 Dorothy vs. Alice: Crucify the Scarecrow
2019 Dorothy's Guardians: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Princesses of Oz Book 1)
2019 Dorthy
2019 Drug Dealer of OZ: An erotic and violent version of the Wizard of Oz, in Rio de Janeiro, The
2019 Emeralds of Oz: Life Lessons from Over the Rainbow
2019 Farm Boy in Emerald City, The
2019 Farm Boy in Oz, A
2019 Finding Dorothy: A Novel
2019 Flight to Oz: This Point in Time - Forgiveness is Universal
2019 Flying Monkeys Cookbook
2019 Francesca, The Great and Terrible: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Emerald City Academy Book 2)
2019 Frankenstein's Monster In Oz
2019 God of Storms: A Wizard of Oz Retelling (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 4)
2019 Grimm Beginning, A (The Outer Zones Book One)
2019 Guardians of Oz: The Demon Realm
2019 Happily Harem After Volume 2: A collection of reverse harem fairy tales
2019 Heart of Oz (Oz: Origins of Darkness Book 1)
2019 Heir of Fugitives: A Wizard of Oz retelling (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 38)
2019 How the Wizard Came to Oz: Vol 1: The True Origin of the Wizard of Oz
2019 Immortal Longings of Oz
2019 Inventor of Oz, The
2019 Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney!
2019 Judy Garland and the Hoodoo Costume
2019 Judy Garland: Gwandanaland Comics #2476 - The Loving and Entertaining Tribute to one of Hollywood's Greatest Classic Stars
2019 King of Traitors: A Wizard of Oz retelling (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 37)
2019 Land of If, The
2019 Lost Horizon (Oz in Space Book 1)
2019 Lost in Oz: The Complete Trilogy
2019 Magic Void (Oz in Space Book 2)
2019 Master of Dreams The (The Dreamscape Trilogy)
2019 Munchkin Tales Book One: Our Lost Heritage
2019 My Name Was Never Frankenstein: And Other Classic Adventure Tales Remixed
2019 No Space Like Home (Stars of Hiraeth)
2019 Off To Kill the Wizard (Return to Oz With a Vengeance: Book 1)
2019 Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs of Oz
2019 Oz The North Warlock
2019 Oziana #49
2019 Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker
2019 Poetic Phoebe Daring
2019 Prism City, The (Kingdoms of Oz Book 3)
2019 Quartz Tower, The (Kingdoms of Oz Book 2)
2019 Queen of Oz, The
2019 Ray Bolger: More Than a Scarecrow
2019 Ruby Fortress, The (Kingdoms Of Oz Book 1)
2019 Ruby's Pride (Wonderland After Dark Book 1)
2019 Scarecrow
2019 Scarecrow And His Friends In Oz
2019 Sea Sirens (A Trot & Cap'n Bill Adventure)
2019 Searching for OZ - The Journey Home
2019 Sentinels of Oz: A Reverse Harem Academy Romance (Emerald City Academy Book 1)
2019 Soul Lessons from the Wizard of Oz: How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road
2019 Stairway to Oz
2019 Stories to Read Instead of Doing Your Assignment: Wakii Reeder 2017 to 2018
2019 Surrender Dorothy (Kinky Oz Book 2)
2019 Theodore Gale in Oz (Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 5)
2019 Throne of Emeralds: A Wizard of Oz retelling (Kingdom of Fairytales Book 39)
2019 Toto's Tale: The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy
2019 Trials of Oz, The
2019 Under the Influence of Oz
2019 Very Bad Wizards (The Wicked Wizards of Oz Book 1)
2019 Very Wonderful, All True Wizard of Oz Book of Trivia featuring Judy Garland, The
2019 What Is the Story of The Wizard of Oz?
2019 Wicked Gambit (Wicked Origins Book 2)
2019 Wicked Rebel (Wicked Origins Book 3)
2019 Wicked Warlock of Oz (Genderbent Fairytales Collection Book 6)
2019 Wizard, Great and Terrible, A (The Chronicles of Gale Book 1)
2019 Wonderfully Ugly Traveling Shoes: Adventures in Footwear
2019 Wrath of a Wonderfully Wicked Witch (Return to Oz With a Vengeance Book 2)
2019 Yellow Brick Road, The (New Stories Of Oz)
2019 Ziggy Zig-Zags the Light and Dark Fantastic, Volume 1
2019 Zombieful World of OZ #1, The

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