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Hard Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 2)

Plum, Barbara
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Shouldn’t magic solve all problems? Apparently not. And Thea Gale has to live with her disillusionment. First, The High Tribunal exiles her lover, The Uncrowned King of Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks. Three months in remote Scotland should give him time to rehink loving a common-human … whose DNA just happens to carry a witch-killer gene. He manages to escape a kidnapping attempt as he leaves the country, but Thea fails to welcome him with open arms. Someone wants hand and her magical red shoes. Get real. How could she levitate without the shoes? How could she grow her magical powers without the shoes? She demands answers Magnus can’t give. When two rogue genus-magicus practitioners target her family to bring Magnus to his knees, she’s not afraid to click her shoes and scramble a few derailed brain cells. Can two lovers from different worlds leap the obstacles to find love?

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