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1903 Wizard of Oz Broadway Script (PDF) The original script transcribed by the NYPL.
25 Various Styles of The Wizard of Oz Illustrations (Website) An amazing variety of Oz illustrations in all styles.
Adventures in Oz (RPG) An Oz based role playing game.
Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library (Blog)
American Icons: The Wizard of Oz (Review) Who & what has been influenced by Frank Baum's greatest literary work.
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz (Website) The official website for the new musical debuting in London, 2011.
Anton Loebs Oz (Art) All of the illustrations by Anton Loeb for the 1950 Random House Edition.
Archives of Laura Jane Musser (Website) Collection held at University of Minnesota
Banner Elk Oz Festival 2009 (Photos) A beautiful collection of photos from The Land of Oz Theme Park in Banner Elk, NC.
Beyond the Yellow Brick Road (Fanfic) Fanfiction website devoted to original stories based on the SciFi Network’s Tin Man.
Billy Bounce (Artwork) Scans of W. W. Denslows children’s book.
Books of Current Focus: Baum & Oz (Scholarly Analysis) Scholarly analysis of books written by L. Frank Baum and about the Land of Oz.
Box of Robbers (Online Comic) A comic book retelling of one of L. Frank Baums American Fairy Tales.
CCA Wattis Wizard of Oz Exhibition (Website) New interpretations of Oz by select artists.
Character of the Week: Oz (Website) An amazing collection of original Oz artwork in many styles.
Cheshire Crossing (Online Comic) A web-comic with Dorothy Gale, Wendy Darling & Alice Liddell at a boarding school.
Childrens Book Museum Online (Downloadable PDF's) Several books by L. Frank Baum & W.W. Denslow are available for download.
Childrens Books Online (Website) Several rare books by Baum and Denslow are available online in full color scans.
Childrens Library (Website) English Digital scans of all of L. Frank Baums Oz books.
Creative Teaching Tools for Disabilities Using Oz (Blog) A teacher of kids with disabilities develops an in-depth unit using Oz as a teaching tool.
Denslows Mother Goose ABC (video) A reading with original Denslow illustrations.
Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time (Podcast) A Comedy/Adventure Serial for the Podcast Generation featuring L. Frank Baum.
Dove Foundation Interviews with the Munchkins (Interview) An interview with the Munchkins regarding their star in Hollywood.
Emerald City Blues (Online Comic) A 24 hour comic based on an alternate Oz.
Emerald City Confidential (Videogame) Oz is put through the gritty filter of 1940s Raymond Chandler film noir.
Emerald City Podcast (Podcast) An examination of the negative attitudes toward the works of L. Frank Baum.
Entertainment Beat with Francis Gumm (Blog) Join Roger Darling as he scrutinizes popular culture – both past and present.
Eric Gjovaags Oz Site (Website) A thorough resource about Oz in books, movies, collectibles, events & more
Eric Shanower Homepage (Website) A site dedicated to all of Eric’s artwork and stories.
Finding Oz (Website) The official website for Evan Schwartz’s book on the influences of Oz.
Gray Side of the Moon (Poem) This poem smashes together San Francisco with The Wizard of Oz, highlighting urban grit, meth, gangs, guns ,Oz-ian urban legends, and more.
Growing a Wizard of Oz Garden (Blog) A project in the U.K. to illustrate Oz through flowers & figures in a backyard.
Hans, Knees, & The Wizard of Oz (Pictures) An Oz dance party in the Emerald City created with computer graphics.
Hearts in Oz (Website) Reviews of Oz in the media. Books, videos and more!
Hidden History of Oz (Website) An examination of the symbols used in the Wizard of Oz
Hungry Tiger Press (Publisher) A high quality publisher of books, comics, and compact discs about Oz.
International Wizard of Oz Club (Website) The official Oz club for over 50 years! Publisher of The Baum Bugle and much more.
John R. Neill Tribute (Website) Neill is famous for the thirty five volumes of Oz books he illustrated.
Judy Garland Experience (Website) An online community sharing and discussing information on Judy Garland.
Judy Garland Museum (Website) The official museum dedicated to the career of Judy Garland.
Judy Garland Speaks (Audio) Ultra-rare home voice tapes which were recorded as notes for her never written autobiography.
L. Frank Baum Works: Audio & Text (Downloadable) Audio and text versions of many of L. Frank Baum’s works available for free.
Land of Oz Book Study (Website) A variety of insights into the phenomenon of Oz
Library of Congress Online Oz Exhibition (Review) An excellent site to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.
Link Goes Over the Rainbow (Website) How Oz influenced the development of Video games.
Lyman Frank Baum Works Archive (Research) A complete list of everything L. Frank Baum ever wrote, many with text.
Magician of Oz (Website) The official site for the Magician of Oz book by James C. Wallace II.
March Laumer Online (Website) Website dedicated to the author of more Oz books than Baum or Thompson!
Maricats Oz Book Reviews (Blog) An ongoing series reviewing the Oz books chronologically. Great insights!
Mark Christiansen's Hanna-Barbera Oz (Art) Rough sketches of Oz characters in a Hanna-Barbera style.
Mego Doll Wizard of Oz Collection (Website) A tribute to the many dolls & playsets that were produced by Mego Toys in the 1970’s.
Men With Missing Parts: Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz (Website) A performer who plays L. Frank Baum from a script created from The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays as well as spinoffs such as The Wiz.
Musical Selections in the Wizard of Oz (Website) An in depth look at all of the music used in the MGM film.
NYPL Digital Gallery High quality scans of some of W.W. Denslow’s original pen & ink illustrations.
Official 70th Anniversary Website (Website) Info on the new DVD and Blu-Ray sets, anniversary balloon and more!
Ohio State Oz Garden (Website) A public Wizard of Oz themed garden.
Old Road (Oz Slash/Fanfic) WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE Fan fiction using Oz characters from the books, TV shows and movies.
Only Different (Poem) A poem depicting a series of letters between L. Frank Baum and a young girl.
Oz Central: L. Frank Baum Family Trust (Website) The official site for books and items authorized by descendents of Frank Baum.
Oz Enthusiast (Blog) A blog by Bill Campbell on his collection of Oz, Baum, Denslow & Neill ephemera.
Oz PC Games (Games) A variety of Oz themed computer games Official website for the comic series and novel.
Peaches Billionaire Music Video (NSFW Video) Rapper Peaches does an Oz parody music video. Pretty disturbing.
Red Brick Road of Oz (Webcomic) A comic about Terry Gale, a distant relative of Dorothy.
Return to Oz Website (Website) Excellent set of videos detailing behind the scenes during the filming of Disney’s RTO.
Royal Timeline of Oz (Research) An exhaustive chronology of every Oz story known to exist.
S.P. Maldonado's Oz Art (Website) Original artwork of various Oz characters.
Second Life Land of Oz (Blog) Loads of user created pictures of Oz.
Skottie Young Podcast (Podcast) Skottie talks about his work on Marvel’s Oz comic series.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Website) The official website for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Oz TV programme.
Tales of the Cowardly Lion & Friends (Publisher) A small press publisher of fan based Oz books for over 30 years!
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The Fictional 100 (Website) A comprehensive list of the most popular fictional characters of all time. Dorothy ranks as #83.
The History of Oz Examiner (Website) A short history of Oz published in the National Examiner
The Judy Room (Website) A website dedicated to the life and career of Judy Garland.
The Man Behind the Curtain: L. Frank Baum and the Wizard of Oz (Article) A detailed biography of L. Frank Baum and his works.
The Royal Forums of Oz Welcome to the Royal Website of Oz, dedicated to bringing Oz fans one of the richest multiuser online experiences available on the internet.
The Sea Fairies read by Judy Bieber (Audiobook) In 1910, Baum hoped to end the Oz series and follow with a new series.
The Tin Man Speaks (Podcast) A 20 part radio drama updating the story of the Tin Man. Downloadable.
The Way of Oz (Book) The Way of Oz: A Guide to Wisdom, Heart, and Courage is centered on the original Wizard of Oz stories and the life of their creator, L. Frank Baum.
The Wizard of Cherokee Avenue An article about L. Frank Baum and his life while living in Hollywood.
The Wizard of Oz Is In You (Interview) An interactive way to learn and develop communication skills with a child.
The Wizard of Oz Reloaded (Online Game) Selena Gomez goes to Oz. Help her find her way home
Tonner Oz Doll Collection (Toys) Tonner® Doll Company presents their unique takes on the Oz characters.
W.W. Denslow's: Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, Three Bears, Twenty Years of Hus'ling (PDF's) Digital scans of Denslow books as well as a first edition of The Wizard of Oz.
Wannabe Wonderlands: Outside of Oz (Oz Related Collectibles)
Wizard of Oz Birthday Party (Website) An all Oz themed birthday party with loads of photos.
Wizard of Oz Comics & Cartoons Database A collection of Oz related newspaper and magazine cartoons.
Wizard of Oz Dress Up (Game) Dress up a girl as an Oz character. Mix and match costumes for fun.
Wizard of Oz Game Collection (Website) A fairly complete listing of Oz board games, computer games & RPG’s.
Wizard of Oz Halloween Costumes (Website) A huge selection of traditional and sexy Oz costumes.
Wizard of Oz Land (Collectibles Site) A site for the Oz collector. Loads of new and unique Ozzy items.
Wizard of Oz Movie Reviews (Website) In depth reviews of early Oz movies (1910, 1914, 1925). Lots of stills and promo materials.
Wizard of Oz on Film (Website) A website dedicated to the World of Oz on DVD and VHS.
Wizard of Oz Sheet Music 1903-1939 (Website) A huge online collection of sheet music scans.
Wizard of Oz: According to Graham Rawle (Photos) Photos from the grand opening of Graham Rawle’s Oz Art Exhibit.
Wizards of Oz – Arlen & Harburg (Article) Fascinating history of “Over the Rainbow” and the men who wrote it.
Wizards of Oz: 1900-2013 (Website) A complete history of Oz in theatre and film from 1900-2008.
Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gala (Website) A fantastic collection of Oz decorations.
Wonderful Wizard of Oz Online (Game) An online Oz themed game similar to Bejeweled.
Wonderful Wizard of Oz Pumpkin Carvings A collection of Oz themed Jack O’Lanterns.
Wonderful Writer of Oz (Interview) An interview with Eric Shanower, writer for Marvel’s Oz comic series.
World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 (Website) A 3-D rendered walkthrough of the fair that L. Frank Baum visited.
Year of Oz (Blog) A daily blog of Oz references found in popular culture.
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