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Blair Frodelius has been collecting Oz books and related ephemera since 1974. His Oz collection includes original editions of all 40 of the Official Canon as well as over 500 books about Oz, other stories by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson as well as a complete collection of The Baum Bugle. His specialty is collecting the non-Oz books written by L. Frank Baum. At present he is lacking only one of the 100+ titles that Baum wrote during his lifetime (The Art of Decorating first edition). Blair hopes that TheOzIndex database will enable Oz and Baum collectors to more fully understand the incredible influence that these books continue to have on modern literature.

David M. Grover doesn't collect Oz books. He works with computers, doing a little bit of everything. Sometimes, he takes on projects like this to benefit the community. These "pro bono" projects are his reaction to the mess the internet has become. He would like to foster what the internet was originally - the voluntary presentation of information, for the common good. He'd like to extend credit to: The Apache Software Foundation, Linux, MYSQL AB, Nedit, KDE, and The Free Software Foundation for providing the tools used to create and present this project.
Sadly, Dave passed away in 2012. The site is being maintained in his memory by an old friend.
Technical queries may be directed to The Man Behind The Curtain

Also, a special thanks to Brian Brusky for many of the scans of the L. Frank Baum books!

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