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Good: Glinda The Good And The Plot Against The Wicked Witch Of The North

Heller, Andrew J.
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Long before Oscar Diggs' balloon carried him off from the county fair to his destiny as a humbug Wizard or a twister turned Dorothy Gale's farmhouse into a flying merry-go-round, Oz groaned under the tyranny of the Wicked Witches...the Witches, and their great enemy, Glinda the Good. For Glinda, nothing was more important than the destruction of the Wicked Witches. She was willing to pay any price to win her private war with the Witches, even if that price was the life of an innocent girl. Good is an exciting fantasy adventure, filled with humor, magic, talking beasts, humbug magicians and intrigue, set in Oz a century before the events described in The Wizard of Oz, but it also asks serious questions about the nature of good and evil, and why, sometimes, they may look so much alike.

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