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Martian Invasion of Oz, The: A Sorta Sequel to A Zen Master in Oz

Stone, Kass
Stone, Amelia
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Science Fiction

Thrill to the adventures of Princess Elphy, heir to the throne of the Martian Empire as she works to stop her father from conquering the Land of Oz! Shiver at the shambling terror of the OZombies! Boggle at the oddity of Floyd, the Cthuli of Oz! Marvel at the bizarre Tiger Eating Baby! Cringe at the ferocity of the Martian Thumpity Head! Reel in shock at the Pheasants Revolt! Collapse into a heap under the heat of Oz parliamentary debate! Rejoice in meeting reuniting with old friends such as Dorothy Gale, Toto, The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Glinda and more! All this and more can be found in . . . The Martian Invasion Of Oz!

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