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Dreamer in Oz, A

Jenkins, Aaron
Sanders, Taryn
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Sammy, a little dreamer from the state of California, suddenly finds herself transported to a magical land during a great earthquake. Here she meets Kukiri, a boy who has been transformed into a monkey-boy by an evil witch, and Polychrome, daughter of the Rainbow. Together they journey to defeat the evil witch that has conquered Kukiri's land. After an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the mortal girl, the witch beseeches the great Goblin Fairy to make her a full witch. The Goblin Fairy agrees, granting her great power that may even surpass Glinda the Good, the most powerful sorceress in the land! Unable to defeat the great witch, Sammy and her friends turn to old friends from the wonderful land of Oz to overcome this powerful new threat.

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