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An Unkindness of Ravens (The Jabberwocky Book 2)

Proctor, Russell

Alice Liddell must face the consequences of tampering with forces she does not understand. The barriers to the other worlds—Wonderland, Looking-Glass Land and Oz—have all been lowered. All manner of strange people and creatures can now cross between the four worlds. A grisly death in the Tower of London, the sudden disappearance of birds all over the world and a deadly attack on an ocean liner signal the arrival of the Raven, a creature from beyond reality that seeks to reshape the universe. The legacy of the mysterious Jabberwocky Book is the key to the Raven’s power. But Alice possesses only a few pages and the location of the rest of it is unknown. If the Raven finds it first, it can rewrite the history of the universe. Alice and her friend Dorothy Gale must journey outside the bounds of reality to face the Raven in its own world, a place founded on nightmare and chaos. In the process, Alice faces the grim realization that the origin of the Raven may very well be her own fault. An Unkindness of Ravens is the second of Alice’s adventures surrounding the Jabberwocky Book she found in Looking-Glass Land–a book that holds the key to the survival of four linked worlds.

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