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Erotic Wizard of Oz

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Dorothy Gale is a blossoming young woman, eager to escape the bland Kansas farmlands and start a life of her own. She finds solace in gazing at the stars from the loft in her uncle's barn, and dreams of all life's possibilities, wondering if she'll ever find true love, or become something more than a girl who milks cows and plants corn. The innocent young woman's life takes a drastic turn when a tornado rips through her aunt and uncle's farm, carrying her away to the colorful land of OZ. There, Dorothy meets all kinds of new and extraordinary people, and finds the life of adventure and sexual awakening that her body and mind has been yearning for. Will she be able to reach the Great and Powerful OZ, that he might help her return home? Even more importantly, after coming of age in a land full of beauty and wonder, will she still want to? This book contains graphic scenes of F/F, F/M, and M/F/F sex. Unlike the original work, this is an erotic re-telling fit only for Mommies and Daddies.

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