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1980 Christmas Stocking, The
1980 Dictionary of Imaginary Places
1980 Dorothy and the Lizard of Oz
1980 Fantasy Tradition in American Literature, The
1980 Forbidden Fountain of Oz, The
1980 Number of the Beast, The
1980 Oziana #10
1980 Runaway Shadows and Other Stories, The
1981 Cut and Assemble The Emerald City of Oz
1981 Oziana #11
1981 Saw Horse of Oz, The
1981 Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?
1981 Wonderful Wizard of Oz Cook Book with illustrations by W.W. Denslow, The
1982 Barnstormer in Oz, A
1982 Cut and Make Wizard of Oz Masks
1982 Dorothy and the Green Gobbler of Oz
1982 Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion
1982 Mystery of the Deserted Castle, The
1982 Oz in Canada
1982 Oziana #12
1982 Prince Silverwings
1983 Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Oz
1983 Heartbreaker - Two Months With Judy
1983 Journey to Oz: The History of L. Frank Baum
1983 Judy & Liza
1983 Order and Surprise
1983 Oziana #13
1983 Treasury of the Great Children's Book Illustrators, A
1983 Wizard of Oz, The: The Critical Heritage Series
1983 Wonderful World of Oz, The - Volume I
1984 Art of Oz, The
1984 Good Witch of Oz, The
1984 In Other Lands Than Oz
1984 Oz Picture Gallery, An
1984 Oziana #14
1984 Wonderful World of Oz, The - Volume II
1984 Worst of Almira Gulch: Selected Poems of Questionable Merit, The
1985 Cut and Assemble Wizard of Oz Toy Theatre
1985 Dorothy and the Magic Belt
1985 Dorothy and the Seven-Leaf Clover
1985 Forty-Seven Days to Oz
1985 Judy Liza: The Myth and the Madness
1985 Magic Mirror of Oz, The
1985 Mister Tinker in Oz
1985 Mysterious Chronicles of Oz, The
1985 Oziana #15
1985 Ozma and the Wayward Wand
1985 Ozmapolitan of Oz
1985 Return to Oz
1985 Return to Oz (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
1985 Return to Oz (Scholastic)
1985 Return to Oz Storybook, The
1985 Return to Oz: Dorothy in the Ornament Rooms
1985 Return to Oz: Dorothy Returns to Oz
1985 Return to Oz: Dorothy Saves the Emerald City
1985 Return to Oz: Escape From the Witch
1985 Secret Gardens: A Study of the Golden Age of Children's Literature
1985 Wizard of Way Up and Other Wonders, The
1985 Wonderful Cut-Outs of Oz, The
1985 World of Oz, The
1986 Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew in The Oz-Wonderland War Trilogy, The
1986 Dorothy and Old King Crow
1986 Enchanted Apples of Oz, The
1986 Frogman of Oz, The
1986 From Oz to the Onion Patch
1986 Index to The Baum Bugle, The
1986 Judy: Portrait of an American Legend
1986 Oziana #16
1986 Ozoids, The: Limericks in Oz
1986 Secret Island of Oz, The
1986 Third Book of Oz, The
1986 Toto in Oz
1986 Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Oz
1986 Wizard of Oz, The: A Limerick Version
1986 Yellow Fog Over Oz
1987 Braided Man of Oz, The
1987 Classical Wizard, The: Magus Mirabilis in Oz
1987 Dorothy and the Wooden Soldiers of Oz: A Color Yourself Story
1987 Gizmo (Comic Series Issue #5)
1987 Ice King of Oz, The
1987 Mister Flint in Oz
1987 Oziana #17
1987 Ten Woodmen of Oz, The
1987 Two Terrific Tales of Oz - Unk Nunkie and the White King of Oz/Betsy Bobbin of Oz
1988 Acinad Goes to the Emerald City of Oz
1988 Bibliographia Oziana : A Concise Bibliographical Checklist of the Oz Books by L.Frank Baum and His Successors (revised)
1988 Careless Kangaroo of Oz, The
1988 Charmed Gardens of Oz, The
1988 Emerald City Blues
1988 Enchanted Gnome of Oz, The
1988 Forgotten Forest of Oz, The
1988 From Confucius to Oz : The Way to Success in Business and Life
1988 Gardener's Boy of Oz, The
1988 Lost in the Land of Oz
1988 Oziana #18
1988 Star is Born, A
1988 Veggy Man in Oz
1988 Viking in Oz, A
1989 Before Oz
1989 Deadly Desert Around Oz, The
1989 Dorothy of Oz
1989 Encore: The Wizard of Oz (Comic One Shot)
1989 Fairy Queen in Oz, A
1989 Magic Diamond of Oz, The
1989 Munchkins Remember The Wizard of Oz and Beyond, The
1989 Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History The Wizard of Oz, The
1989 Our Trip to Oz
1989 Oziana #19
1989 Ruby Slippers of Oz, The
1989 Song of Oz
1989 Wizard of Oz Movie Storybook, The (Wahl)
1989 Wizard of Oz, The (MGM)
1989 Wizard of Oz, The: The Screenplay

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