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Star is Born, A

Haver, Ronald
Alfred A. Knopf, New York

"Haver takes us onto the sound stages and on location, giving us detailed descriptions of the day-to-day filming..the myriad technical problems..the clashes of personalities and working styles..Garland's drastic emotional ups and downs..the costs, the publicity (intentional and otherwise), all the extraordinarily complicated logistics of making such a film (it was, at the time, the second most expensive movie ever produced in Hollywood). We see the star-studded Hollywood premiere; and we learn what led Warner Bros., soon after the film was released, to shorten it--a rash decision, the result of which pleased almost no one involved with the making of the film. Finally, Haver tells us how he set out to restore A STAR IS BORN to its original length and glory, and--after months of tracking down obscure leads and scouring vaults and files at the Warners studios--(almost) succeeded."

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