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Acinad Goes to the Emerald City of Oz

Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

A book about Oz written and illustrated by fourth and fifth graders who after being introduced by their teacher to the wonderful world of the Oz books. In order to become the Nome King, Roquat pushed his kindly brother Acinad into the Deadly Desert, thereby claiming the throne. Now, years later, Acinad has been restored. But he has been away for so long that he feels no aspirations toward claiming the Nome Kingdom, prefering instead to seek out his Magic Diamond, which gives him many magical powers. Somehow knowing that the coveted gem is hidden in the Emerald City, he sets out to search for it. Meanwhile, a frightful old Quadling Witch has plans of her own for the Magic Diamond. A host of familiar Ozites, including the Cowardly Lion and Hungry Tiger, as as some exciting new fantastic characters such as Flying Pink Pigs and winged blue elephants, add to the fun and excitement as Acinad and the Quadling Witch race to find the diamond.

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