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War of Oz, The (The Legends of Oz Book 1)

Laib, Gary
Mark, Tony
Laib, Gary
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Thirty years before the arrival of Dorthy, was the era of Zo. His one goal, to conquer all the lands of Oz, is now within his grasp thanks to the dark forces that serve him. At the outset of his reign, he banishes magic, and marches his dreaded army to the four corners of Oz. With conflicting beliefs on how best to deal with Zo, the Witches Tribunal soon splits, and now all three factions vie for control of their world. The twins, Ari and Astor, an unlikely pair of heroes, soon find themselves in the middle of a great war alongside Liam Brobaker, a bear bred for battle, and a ragtag group of young witches. Good versus evil, magic versus the advent of technology, and the will of these two teenagers all fighting to save their future. Explore the far reaches of a familiar land and its inhabitants. Introduce yourself to the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion long before their fateful adventures alongside Dorthy. Welcome, once again, to the world of Oz.

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