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True Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 3)

Plum, Barbara
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

A knock on Thea Gale’s door interrupts her memories of all that forbidden lusty tension between her and Magnus Rogon, The Uncrowned King of Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks. The High Tribunal has exiled Magnus for “consorting with a common human.” Thea is left with her lavender vibrator and magic red shoes for consolation. A louder knock at the door … Against all reason, Thea opens the door and big trouble marches in. A ten-year-old girl claiming Magnus is her father demands to see him. Thea believes she’s come to terms with a dull, celibate future and shuts the door. Anything relevant to Magnus, so not her problem. Wishful thinking … Thea’s conscience refuses to give her a break. It’s cold outside. She lets Ceana into her house. Too quickly, she promises support against a rogue warlock who wants Ceana’s birthright. Thea’s change of heart opens some kind of magical conduit for Magnus’s return—ostensibly to help his daughter. Can he and Thea battle the baddies and figure out a future together? The path to true magic does not run smoothly … The black magician who challenges right thinking casts unbreakable curses, conjures terrifying spells, and targets Thea to get what he wants. Can she—a common human—discover a deeper magic besides clicking her magical red shoes to save Magnus, Ceana, and all Right-Thinkers?

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