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Chopper (Hidden Heroes of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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The land of Oz, decades before Dorothy. The East, Munchkin Country, has traded servitude for security, and tolerance for tyranny at the hands of a cruel Witch Queen. The young resistance finds a face in the unflinching shadow of a woodman. The strength of his axe is the strength of his heart. He saw his brother killed for standing against a tyrant. Boq grew from boy to man in the shadow of the Wicked Witch of the East. He has endured the disintegration of his society under her cruel glare. Silently defiant, he ensures the future of his people by rescuing the young ones. The underground yellow road leads to freedom, so the whispers say. Attempting escape through forests patrolled by dark monsters and inhuman soldiers, leaves few survivors to find freedom in other lands. Those trapped behind this tin curtain place all their hopes in secret conductors like Boq, who smuggles their precious children to safety. However, one young child has been hidden too long, and missed the opportunity. With all chance of safe escape severed, Boq risks everything in braving the fearsome forest to save this single child. Hidden Heroes of Oz explores the unsung heroes that shaped the Land of Oz long before Dorothy's incomparable entrance into Emerald City. Chopper tells the story of two of these great heroes, Boq Liyonechka and Galvan Chopper.

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