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Behind the Emerald Door of Oz: The Untold Truth

Lord, Christopher Clay
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On the Summer Solstice of 2017 on June 21st, the most anticipated and the most shocking Book of 2017 will be released! 47 Years ago when Judy died at age 47! The new debut Ebook by author and YouTube sensation Christopher Clay Lord of Truthiracy3 House of Wisdom! Read the Book and find out the importance as to WHY the Book was released on this date! Find out WHY 47 Years ago Judy Garland (Dorothy Gale) died at age 47 and WHY that number is encoded into the Wisdom of the Emerald Land of Oz! One of the most astonishing and informative book ever written covering subject from the Bible to 911! First came the step for our race, then it was a leap for mankind... now read the Book that will ELevate the hue of man to fly up to a new LEvEL of the most high ELite ELders of the ELuminati, the enLIGHTened ones of the ELight! If you want to crawl out from the dark caves of Plato and into the bright sunlight of Truth and Wisdom, you must take the Red Pill of TRUTH, or you can not read my book and take the Blue Pill of comfort and lies and remain in the ignorant depths below in the abyss!

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