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Dark Witch of Oz, The

Baum, Margaret
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

The adventure in the magical Land of Oz continues in “The Dark Witch of Oz” as the Silverglade family, accompanied by the Army of South Grace, searches for its parents who became lost under mysterious circumstances. After befriending good witches, a bunnymunch, a royal tree guard, and many other fantastic folks on their journey to the Silver Tower of Oz, the Silverglades and the Army of South Grace have been requested by Glinda and their sorceress friends to venture to the Island of Onyx. On the island, they learn that they must face the terrible power of the Dark Witch and her many wicked minions in order to rescue Mr. and Mrs. Silverglade; however, the Dark Witch is not quite what she seems to be. The family is unaware that more than one wicked witch would like to see them fail in their task. During their quest full of fright and joy, they must work together to better understand their own truths and beliefs while freeing the inhabitants of the island from decades of misery.

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