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Adventure of Snowpatch in Oz, The

Schweitzer, Richard H.
Tindog music & stuff

A small, friendly dog named Snowpatch is swept to the Land of Oz by a great deluge. He is taken in and cared for by Nick Chopper and lives a peaceful, happy life in his new home until a chance rain storm (or the mischievous machinations of a wicked witch) cause Nick, a man made of tin, to become frozen in place, unable to move or speak. Snowpatch immediately runs off into the unknown strangeness of Oz by himself to find help. He befriends a young Munchkin girl, Kethelina Dew, or Ketty, who joins his quest, but the adventure leads them to places they could never conceive, and it will prove difficult to return home. But his need to help his friend keeps him steadfast to his task.

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