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Adolf Hitler in Oz: Deluxe Edition

Sackett, Sam
Carbajal, Patricio
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

When Hitler fakes his own death, he winds up in the Land of Oz, where he begins to gather an army for conquest. But to conquer Oz, he must first understand it, and in a land where there is no death, money or strife, that won't be easy. An exciting, thought-provoking and humorous story, Adolf Hitler in Oz explores the ideological gulf between pacifism and fascism, and serves as an authentic extension of the original Oz series. Now in a new, fully revised and expanded edition, with thirty-five full and half-page illustrations by renowned artist Patricio Carbajal, and the bonus essay, "The Utopia of Oz"! This deluxe edition contains 11 color plates and an exclusive stained-glass front and rear dust-jacket!

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