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Judy Garland Biography: The Real Life of Dorothy from The Magical Land of Oz

Dicker, Chris
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Judy Garland is known to play the legendary role of Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz." She was not just a good actress, but a singer. She used both in synchrony to showcase her talents. Judy Garland died quite some time ago, but this biography completely captures her spirit, struggles and talents. That's because she always lived at full throttle on stage and personal life. Before the age of 21, Judy was helping her mother Ethel financially. It was her duty to provide to her family. Her mother exploited this generosity with disastrous results. Who would do that these days? Judy always set her goals high, but life was too short to complete some unfinished projects, like a documentary, concerts, radio shows, and records, but none of them came to reality. Garland was known for her drug addiction to diet and sleeping pills. She was often depressed as she gained weight due to binge eating disorder. Judy Garland had five husbands in her life time. The way she coped with troubled marriages was to marry somebody else - jumping from one flower to the next. This created serious personal problems and struggles that affected her work. In what way, more in this biography... If you want to learn more about Judy Garland in all her magic and despair, grab your copy now!

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