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Lost Histories from the Royal Librarian of Oz

Bongiorno, Joe
Shanower, Eric
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

Explore the ancient history of Oz with this companion booklet to The Lost Tales of Oz! The Royal Librarian has opened her library to fans of the world first explored by L. Frank Baum over a century ago. Contained within are three tales from the distant past of Oz! "Lurline and the First Fairy Queen" looks at the coming of Nonestica, the conflict of the Immortals, the first Fairy Queen of Oz, and the dark forces that conspired against her! "Lulea and the Fairy Kingdoms of Oz" looks at the rogue wood nymph who traded in the life of a fairy for marriage and children, the establishment of the first great kingdoms of Oz, and the consequences that befell her. "A Brief History of Oz in the 12th and 13th Centuries" is an overview of the wild adventures of Munch Kenny and Gil Cain, the brave heroes for whom the Munchkin and Gillikin Countries were named, and the Coming of the Marauders, who established Seebania!

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