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Ruggedo in Oz

Dickerson, Scott
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L. Frank Baum left the marvelous land of Oz with stories untold, and this is one of them. Two American children, Junipee and Stot, have found their way to the magical kingdom with the help of a Chubby Cub parade balloon, and soon enough find themselves consorting with the sly old Nome King, Ruggedo, whose reformations have never lasted very long. Ruggedo wants Princess Ozma's magic belt, but (as advised by a rocky pinnacle of truth), he and the children first must journey deep underground to the Glass City of the Mangaboos. Meanwhile Ozma and her royal court have other problems to deal with--a mangled spell by the Wizard has reduced them all to the size of fleas! All this, Sandamanders, and Bungle the Glass Cat too. By the author of THE MAGIC BOOK OF OZ, the TOM SWIFT LIVES! series, and the YOUNG & SMART series.

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