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Big Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 1)

Plum, Barbara
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

A new twist on the magical red shoes and two lovers worlds apart. He’s The Uncrowned King of Right-Thinking Witches and Warlocks. She’s the great-great-granddaughter of a witch killer and has never imagined genus-magicus practitioners walk among us. Her black cat, red-sequined stilettos, and last name give The Uncrowned King all the clues he needs to recognize trouble with a capital B for big. When Thea Gale brings Toto, her seriously injured black cat to the king's cat hospital, she’s wearing the red slippers. He’s wearing hip-hugging black jeans and an attitude she finds sexily arrogant. Admittedly he’s smokin’ hot, but saving Toto raises his sexiness to magical. When he admits why he’s obsessed with her shoes, Thea reacts by denying their undeniable attraction. Not yet aware of her own powers, she refuses his plea for help to prevent war between genus-magicus folk and common humans. He has teetered into melodrama in Thea’s eyes. Helping misfits, as Great-great-grandmother Dorothy proved, upsets orderly life. Thea craves normalcy—right up until his kiss leaves her sure she's bewitched.

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