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Adolf Hitler in Oz

Sackett, Sam
Carbajal, Patricio
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

When Adolf Hitler fakes his own death, he winds up in the Land of Oz where he soon begins to gather an army for conquest. But in a land where there is no death, money or strife, and where strange and unpredictable beings and talking animals abound, conquest won't come easy! In a campaign of manipulation from Oogaboo to the Emerald City, Hitler crosses paths with Queen Ann, General Jinjur, the Winged Monkeys and more. Ozma, the ruler of Oz, is determined to defeat him, but without resorting to violence or even magic. Adolf Hitler in Oz is exciting, fascinating, and even humorous story that beneath the surface explores the ideological gulf between pacifism and fascism and the psychology of good and evil. An authentic extension of the original Oz series, and a book for all ages, this new, fully revised and expanded edition comes with thirty-four full and half-page illustrations by renowned artist Patricio Carbajal, and the author's bonus essay, "The Utopia of Oz"!

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