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Tick Tock Character-OZ-Ation: Character Development 101

Garlick, Jaqueline
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Self Help

I have a theory. That every character a writer will ever need can be found within the pages of THE WIZARD OF OZ. That's right... THE WIZARD OF OZ. Ever wonder why certain characters stick in your head long after you've finished reading the book, while others are completely forgettable, second you turn the last page? Want to be able to create those kinds of memorable, ever-lasting, unforgettable characters? Well, I just might have a trick for you. Inside this eBook, you will find my own special formula for creating characters— a time-saving tactic I’ve devised to help authors develop stronger, authentic, and more impactful characters, while steering clear of clichés and stereotypes. This simple strategy helps authors determine if they’ve created characters that will speak to the heart of readers – or not. And what to do, if not. So, if you've been struggling with character creation, this just might be the book for you. I mean, who doesn’t want their characters to leave long-lasting impressions on their readers, right?

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