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Adventures of Lefty in Oz, The (Vol. 1-5)

Fuller, James L.
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Lefty is a black leather winter glove. Righty is Lefty’s mirror twin. Their friend Snake is a snake shaped wooden cane. Lefty sometimes wonder if the reason he get into so much mischief is because he is left-handed. He doesn’t really mean to cause trouble; it just seems to happen to him. These five stories tell about some of Lefty’s adventures. Lefty first wishes for a vacation in the Land of Oz because the winter has been very mild and he doesn’t think he has enough work to do. He gets his wish but almost doesn’t get back home because he keeps breaking the rules. When he gets back Righty and Snake think they desire a vacation too. So the three of them visit the Land of Oz. Next Righty and Lefty want a sunny vacation from their work during a bad winter. Poor Snake has to rescue them from that vacation. Lefty’s next trip to Oz requires him to learn how to joust. That is fortunate because his skill is needed to rescue Righty. The final story tells about Snake being accidently injured and Righty and Lefty agree to move to the Land of Oz to get help for Snake.

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