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Desiring Dorothy (Men of Oz Book 1)

Albertson, Alana
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Four men on a mission—to find Dorothy and bring her back home. But Dorothy is no damsel in distress and loving her is not for the mindless, heartless, cowardly, or the weak. Dorothy—My entire life I have been alone and forced to fend for myself. The only creature in the world I could rely on was my beloved pug, Toto. But after I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere, I encounter four men. Crow, a mindless farmer, Tin, a heartless Navy SEAL, Lev, a cowardly henchman, and Wiz, a charming charlatan. My only hope to find my way home is to trust them, but nothing in this strange land is what it seems. The only thing that is certain is that we’re not in Kansas anymore.

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