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Wicked Warlock of Oz (Genderbent Fairytales Collection Book 6)

Kamen, KuroKoneko
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

The Wicked Warlock of the West, Jadyn, has a plan to conquer Oz. World Domination Plan: 1.Become the Goblin King 2.Become King of the Direwolves 3.Befriend Theodore Gale, the Foretold Savior of Oz 4.Save the Emerald City from peril 5. Become King of the Trolls 6. Defeat the Good Wizard of the North 7. Defeat the Wicked Warlock of the East, Dr. Doppelganger 8. Defeat the Good Wizard of the South, Reginald Next on his list is to become King of the Trolls. But to do that he has to infiltrate Troll Kingdom and defeat King Belwort’s Champion in the Trolls’ Fighting Competition. Afterwards, he plans on freeing the goblin slaves in the North in order to increase his military might. Meanwhile, playboy cowboy, Theodore Gale, is having his own problems. When a giant robot attacks the Emerald City Theo’s mother, Ozlyn, is kidnapped. Theo wants to rescue the Sultry Sorceress of Oz from Dr. Doppelganger's evil clutches before she gets technolyzed, but a robot army stands in his way. Theodore promises Jadyn to help him win the heart of Tina Woodcutter in exchange for his help. Unfortunately, the cyborg assassin has a cursed artificial heart. If Tina feels emotions like anger or love too strongly her heart will malfunction, and she’ll die. Their love seems doomed. Or is it? Jadyn comes up with a plan to defeat Dr. Doppelganger that involves tree spirits, and the rescue party travels south towards Dryad Forest. As their adventure unfolds Jadyn keeps crossing things off his World Domination checklist. Is this a mere coincidence, or is Jadyn tired of playing the hero?

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