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Art of the Darkside of Oz, The

Castillo, Tommy
Castillo, Tommy
Forgotten Playground
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

What if everything we were told about "The wizard of Oz" was a lie? What if courage was nothing more than rage? What if a tin heart was black and corrupt? And what if you grew so intelligent it drove you mad? Tommy Castillo brings you on a wondrous journey to the far reaches of his dark vision. Welcome to the Art of Darkside of Oz! This beautiful journal gives you a first hand look at the creatures both old and new. Tommy is known worldwide for his covers for Strathmore Paper. And if you are an artist you most likely own his work already. Not to mention the work Tommy has done for the last twenty four years on such great titles as Batman the Dark Knight from DC comics, to Tales from the Crypt! This concept is one that had first seen print in The art of Tommy Castillo, Dragons Myths and Mayhem some twelve years ago! Of course now you can see what the Master artist and writer has put together over the last five years. This is a must have for anyone that wants to know the Truth of Oz and see first hand through the creator's eyes. L. Frank Baum's awesome works of Oz are immensely loved by Tommy. This is a tribute to Frank from Tommy! Order today - if you're brave enough to learn the truth! Stop reading if you want to believe the lies. For here we enter a world at war. A world of Men, Beast and Metal unleashed. Don't read more if you want to believe the lies; because we know the truth. And you won't like the truth. You're not going to like this story...

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