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2011: Adventures of Lefty in Oz, The (Vol. 1-5)

2011: Nightmares in Oz

2012: Broken: A Mystical Trip Through Oz

2012: Dark Witch of Oz, The

2012: Land of Oz Quiz Book: Questions and Answers about L. Frank Baum

2013: Along the Yellow Brick Road: Two Years Blogging on the Road to Oz

2013: Fifty Shades of Oz

2013: Lights of Oz, The

2013: Oz Reimagined: Dorothy Dreams

2014: Adventures with Google Books Lyman Frank Baum

2014: Martian Invasion of Oz, The: A Sorta Sequel to A Zen Master in Oz

2015: Magic Scroll of Oz, The

2016: Adventures of Hillary Clinton in the Land of the Wizard, Bill Gates, The

2016: Centrix and New Friends by Mona Beatrix: Inspired from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

2016: Erotic Wizard of Oz

2016: Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Buddhist Take on The Wizard of Oz

2016: Lessons From The Land Of Oz: 4 Week Sermon Series for Students

2016: Management Lessons from Oz: Leading from Courage

2016: Sorcerer of WIZ, The

2016: War of Oz, The (The Legends of Oz Book 1)

2016: Zombies of Oz, The

2017: Behind the Emerald Door of Oz: The Untold Truth

2017: Breaking Silver: Part 5

2017: Breaking Silver: Parts 1 and 2

2017: Chopper (Hidden Heroes of Oz)

2017: Dark Days of Dorothy Gale: Oz

2017: Falling For Oz: A Romantic Retelling

2017: Forever In Oz

2017: Lion Shifter of Oz: Shifter Romance

2017: Of Witches and Wizards (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 9)

2017: Secrets of the Yellow Brick Road: The Spirituality of Oz

2017: Sherlock Holmes and the Wicked Wizard of Oz

2017: Spiritual Insights from Classic Literature: The Wizard of Oz

2017: Tick Tock Character-OZ-Ation: Character Development 101

2017: Trump Versus Glinda: The Secret of Everything #Post-Truth

2017: Wicked Witch (Haunting Fairytales Series Book 4)

2017: Winnie's Courage (Getting Back to Oz Book 1)

2018: Big Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 1)

2018: Brain. A Heart. The Nerve., A

2018: Classics: The Boy Who Went To Oz

2018: Dreamer in Oz, A

2018: Emerald Wars, The

2018: Good: Glinda The Good And The Plot Against The Wicked Witch Of The North

2018: Hard Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 2)

2018: Judy Garland Biography: The Real Life of Dorothy from The Magical Land of Oz

2018: Necrozmancy: A Short Horror Story

2018: No Place Like Home

2018: Not in Kansas (Kinky Oz Book 1)

2018: Oz

2018: Padded

2018: Ruggedo in Oz

2018: Salma and the Play From Oz (Salma's Stories Book 2)

2018: Shadow of Oz, The

2018: Superb Owl of Oz, The

2018: True Magic (The Weird Magic Trilogy Book 3)

2018: Truth About: Dorothy, The

2018: Wicked Origins

2018: Wicked Witch: a Retelling of The Wizard of Oz (Fairy Tales Reimagined, Book 3)

2018: Wizard of Ozzy Osbourne, The

2018: Wonderful Lesbians of Oz, The: An Erotic Romance

2019: Adventures of Dorothy and Toto, The

2019: Almira's Heart (Getting Back to Oz Book 3)

2019: Desiring Dorothy (Men of Oz Book 1)

2019: Dorothy In the Land of Monsters (Oz ReVamped Book 1)

2019: Dorothy's Guardians: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Princesses of Oz Book 1)

2019: Happily Harem After Volume 2: A collection of reverse harem fairy tales

2019: Heart of Oz (Oz: Origins of Darkness Book 1)

2019: Land of If, The

2019: No Space Like Home (Stars of Hiraeth)

2019: Ruby's Pride (Wonderland After Dark Book 1)

2019: Surrender Dorothy (Kinky Oz Book 2)

2019: Theodore Gale in Oz (Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 5)

2019: Toto's Tale: The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy

2019: Very Bad Wizards (The Wicked Wizards of Oz Book 1)

2019: Wicked Gambit (Wicked Origins Book 2)

2019: Wicked Rebel (Wicked Origins Book 3)

2019: Wicked Warlock of Oz (Genderbent Fairytales Collection Book 6)

2020: Gavin's Wizard of Oz, The

2020: Lion (Faeries of Oz Prequel)

2020: Obvious Secret Lesson of the Wizard of Oz: A Metaphysical Interpretation of

2020: Ozma's Demons: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Princesses of Oz Book 2)

2020: Study Guide for L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

2020: Wizard of Oz, The

2020: Wizard That Was: (An Australian School Musical), The

2021: Betsy's Knights: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Princesses of Oz Book 3)

2021: Cowardly as a Lion (Heirs of Oz Book 3)

2021: Empty as a Scarecrow (Heirs of Oz Book 2)

2021: Heartless as a Tin Man (Heirs of Oz Book 1)

2021: Oz the Adventure (Oz the Forgotten Tales Book 2)

2021: Oz the Beginning (Oz the Forgotten Tales Book 1)

2021: Oz the Romance (Oz the Forgotten Tales Book 3)

2021: Oz the Witches (Oz the Forgotten Tales Book 4)

2021: Trial of Oscar Diggs: A Wizard of Oz Play, The

2021: Wonderland

2022: Brenda's Christmas adventure (to the land of Oz and more)

2022: Clockworks of Oz

2022: Darcy the Terrible: A Pride and Prejudice / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Crossover

2022: Not Quite Dorothy: A Modern Day Wizard of Oz Romantic Comedy

2022: Ozmosis: A Mad About the Hatter Book (Mad About the Hatter Books 2)

2022: Vengeful as a Beauty (Heirs of Oz Book 4)

2023: There's No Place Like Oz: A Dark Wizard of Oz Reverse Harem (Vicious Wonders Book 2)

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