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Gavin's Wizard of Oz, The

Keddie, Gavin
Cornwell, Jane
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Gavin, the author, casts himself in the leading role of this fantastic adventure in which his magical Ruby Sneakers and Lorelei, the White Mage of the North, help him on his way to the Emerald City. Accompanied by his loving constant companion, Wonderful - who comes from Gavin's heart - he sets out to journey across the Land of Oz in a brave quest for truth, love and justice. Along the way, Gavin and Wonderful join forces with an array of fantastic characters to form a powerful gang of positivity called the Five Lights and together, they journey and fight tirelessly to defeat the powers of darkness. This tale marks the beginning of the adventures of Gavin and Wonderful, the Dimensional Duo.

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