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Ozma's Demons: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Princesses of Oz Book 2)

Field, Helena
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Ozma’s Demons is a slow burn, why choose romance, a full-length reverse harem fantasy novel, and an adventure of epic proportions. Ten years ago, Dorothy lost her older sister Ozma, the true queen of Oz, when the witches took over and transformed Ozma into a boy. Now Dorothy and her guardians, the dragon-shifter Raven, the vampire Smith, and the lion-shifter Crawford, are ready to go save her/him. Tip, a young man who wishes to be a woman, has served the evil witch Mombi for as long as he/she can remember. Even now, when Mombi’s exiled on a farm in the land of Ev, Tip’s forced to work for her when he/she can’t escape the farm. But when Mombi tries to summon a demon, Tip accidentally disrupts the ceremony. The demon winds up in a pumpkin-headed scarecrow that Tip has created. Now Tip must deal with a demon that wishes to bond with her, while Dorothy and her guardians are delayed when Langwidere’s army and the Nome King’s forces invade Emerald City. It might be up to Tip, a demon named Jack, a werewolf detective named Shaggy Man and a robot named Tik-Tok to help save the day.

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