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Betsy's Knights: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Princesses of Oz Book 3)

Field, Helena
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Betsy’s Knights is a slow to medium burn, mild to medium level, why choose romance, a full-length reverse harem fantasy novel, and an adventure of epic proportions. Zeb Hugson got an offer to work on the farm of his Aunt Em and Uncle Henry after his cousin Dorothy ran away from home. He doesn’t really know why she did, but he accepts the offer. He meets Betsy Bobbin, a struggling peddler who’s trying to survive and sell some ribbon after losing her mother. Then a dirigible blimp magically appears, startling them. Oscar Diggs, the former Wizard of Oz, has returned to ask Uncle Henry for the use of the enchanted emeralds he obtained. Zeb and Betsy’s worlds are turned upside down as they learn of Oz, that Dorothy is a princess there with three guardians by her side, and they’re in love together. Then everything falls apart as the evil Nomes show up, threatening and kidnapping Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Oscar, Zeb, and Betsy are forced to flee. They head to Oz to rescue Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. They also must warn Dorothy and her guardians of the dangers ahead.

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