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Trial of Oscar Diggs: A Wizard of Oz Play, The

Pluckrose, Mark
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Oscar Diggs goes on trial for all of the lies and manipulation of Dorothy and her companions. As part of the case for his defence he highlights how he saved Dorothy from the Mangaboos, developed new technologies for Oz, (including money, smart phones and driverless cars...sound familiar?) and how he saved Osma and her subjects from the evil Nome king. Exploring all of the books from the Oz series, this play identifies themes of fantasy, magic, fraud, betrayal, friendships, technology, knowledge, power, love, compassion, courage and empathy. This play is designed to introduce younger actors to Drama and Theatre as well as promote storytelling and acting skills. It has been a highly successful way of generating excitement and interest in the subject of Drama amongst younger students in the classroom. It also supports English exploration of the original texts. Run time is approximately 30 minutes. There are 22 characters but this can be extended with Circus folk, Munchkins, Mangaboos and more.

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