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Heartless as a Tin Man (Heirs of Oz Book 1)

Moreno, Kendra
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

The Yellow Brick Road hungers. . . The world has completely lost its mind. Not only is Briella Mae trying to pick up the pieces of her life, but she suddenly finds herself falling into some sort of nightmare named Oz while hanging out at Bullfrog Creek. She only wanted a new start. . . she didn’t realize she’d literally have to start anew. Gillikin City seemed like the safest place to go in Oz but Breilla Mae soon learns why everyone fears the fluorescent metropolis. The Tin Man rules Gillikin with an iron axe, and he doesn’t take kindly to newcomers, especially when they look him in the eyes without fear. But Briella Mae has seen the devil, and the Tin Man ain’t him. With worlds merging, chaos reigning, and true villains breaking loose, Briella finds herself with no option but to team up with the heartless Tin Man. Will she survive the coming storm without adding her heart to his collection? If only the Tin Man had a heart of his own. . .

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