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Ozmosis: A Mad About the Hatter Book (Mad About the Hatter Books 2)

Chase, Dakota
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Henry and Hatter are back in this sequel to Mad About the Hatter. They've fallen into a comfortable life together after the events in the first book, but on a day trip to visit the Tweedle Brothers, they happen across a wayward troop of flying monkeys who need thelp to get back to Oz. In Oz, Hatter reluctantly agrees to accompany Henry on a tour of the land. They soon find out Oz is in serious trouble, with the balance of Good and Evil upset after Dorothy killed the last wicked witch. Henry and Hatter are drawn into a quest to find a new source of evil for Oz to restore the balance and save Oz - and all the adjacent lands, including Wonderland - from destruction.

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