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It began as a question. How many books about Oz are out there? Since the advent of the internet, it seemed reasonable that I would be able to find this information easily enough. Spending several hours searching for a simple list of the books with the word Oz in the title gave me a lot of information, but it was scattered over dozens of websites. I was amazed that there was no one definitive source of bibliographical information available.

What I have attempted to do here, is to compile a list all of the books written by L. Frank Baum, and then all of the books associated with him in some way. Oz and non-Oz books, books by fans, books about the life of Baum, books about the MGM movie, books based on philosophies from the books, and so on...

No list of this kind could ever be entirely complete, but I have spent the better part of a year compiling this information and I feel it is a worthy start. I encourage anyone out there to send me information on books I am unaware of, and any photographs I may not have. Of course corrections are very welcome. My hope is that this will be a source for research and study, as well as a tribute to the genius of L. Frank Baum.

Ozzily yours,
Blair Frodelius

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