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At This Point in Rhyme

Harburg, E. Y.
Crown Publishers, Inc., New York
Poetry & Music

E.Y. (Yip) Harburg Made a name for himself in several ways. He wrote All the song lyrics to the Wizard of Oz" (Yes, Dorothy, including the lyric to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow,") as well as the Lyrics to "Finian's Rainbow," "Brother can you Spare a Dime" and many others. His poetry is unjustly ignored. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered. This book is one of several gems that most have never seen. Doing a Google search for Yip Harburg results not only in lyrics, but also the problems he had with the Joe McCarthy mindset. Yip Harburg was his own man, and always spoke his mind. It got him into trouble more than once. "At This Point in Rhyme" speaks eloquently to that way of thinking.

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