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Apparitions from Elming, The

Kuznetzov, Yuri
Borosdina, Olga

The events of this story play out concurrently with those of the last one. Viola’s parents, Ol and Vi, after being urgently recalled from their base on Earth back to their home planet of Irena, encounter some apparitions in their house. These are the “other halves” of Kostya, Preem, Victor Stepanovich, and Kuzmych. After causing a bit of commotion among the Massars, the phantoms, following the advice of their new friends, take refuge in Elming -- the place where all the tunnels between Irena and the Earth converge. There, they meet two Atlantean youths and Grau the Cave Lion. All three of them have been stuck there already for many ages. At that moment, Charlie Black (Ellie’s uncle) suddenly finds himself in Elming, after suffering a shipwreck in the Caribbean. Being now in a wave state, the sailor has the opportunity to get his missing leg back. Then Kostya suddenly disappears -- he has returned to Earth, and his two halves have merged again. At the same time, Viola reappears on Irena. Her father, Ol, makes haste to construct the “Timestreamer” apparatus for whose sake he had been recalled from Earth in the first place, but he uses it to dupe the Massars. Then he successfully returns the earthlings to Earth (except for the two Atlanteans, whose homeland had perished long ago -- Ol takes them under his protection on Irena). The Lion, for his part, goes to Rameria, which is where he was originally from.

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