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Queen Zixi of Ix

Baum, Lyman Frank
Richardson, Frederick
Century, New York

In some ways the author considered this his greatest work. This story which first appeared in episodes in St. Nicholas Magazine, tells the tale of the fairies who decide to give a magic wishing cloak to the first unhappy mortal--man, woman, or child--their emissary chances to meet. At the same time the King of Noland has died without an heir. The law states that the 47th person passing through the gates that day become the king. In Ix, Queen Zixi, six hundred and eighty three years old and full of the secrets of witchcraft, craves the magic cloak. And that very morning, a humble ferryman's son, Bud, just happens to be on his way to the city with his sister Fluff. One of the best fairy tales ever written! All hail Bud, the new king of Noland, and his sister, Princess Fluff. What few know is the secret of Fluff's cloak. But when Queen Zixi of the neighboring kingdom of Ix finds out, she's willing to go to war for the cloak. But another threat looms over both kingdoms...

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