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Sweethearts Always

Baum, Lyman Frank
Hall, H. Putnam
Reilly & Britton, Chicago

A keepsake of love poetry reprinting Baum's Poem, "Her Answer" from "By the Candleabra's Glare".

Her Answer I O'ER my darling's cheeks the lashes Fall in trembling modesty, Shutting out the loving flashes From the eyes so dear to me. And, although no word is spoken, I am answered by this token. II O'er my darling's cheeks are stealing All the tintings of the roses, Love's unfailing sign, revealing That in me her heart reposes. As the blushes come and go Well her answer do I know! III On my darling's lip there lingers Just a hint of smile enchanting; Softly clasped are dainty fingers, Swells the bosom, faintly panting. Never mind the whispered "yes," Love, your answer I can guess!

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