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Dot and Tot of Merryland

Baum, Lyman Frank
Denslow, William Wallace
George M. Hill, Chicago

Dot and her young friend, Tot, go on a boat ride through Merryland, where babies are born, dolls are alive, and people are made from candy. Accidentally swept by their runaway boat into a secret tunnel, Dot and Tot find themselves in a magical kingdom of Merryland--a fairyland made up of seven fantastic valleys, each with its own unique people and magic. From the Valley of the Clowns to the Valley of Candy People to the Valley of Babies and on to the Valley of Toys, Dot and Tot make their way through this fabulous land. Then their adventures take an exciting turn when the Queen of Merryland decides to adopt them and make them a Prince and Princess. This adventure takes place outside of Oz, and you will meet many of these folk later in the Oz series. Published Oct. 1901

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