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Fiery God of the Marrans, The

Volkov, Alexander
Vladimirski, Leonid
Soviet Russia Publishers

Volkov’s next book, [THE FIERY GOD OF THE MARRANS], brings back Urfin Jus as the enemy. In this book, Urfin, with the assistance of the noble-minded giant eagle Carfax, goes to the territory of the Marrans (Volkov’s substitutes for Baum’s hammerheads -- without extending necks and with hands, but quite savage), impresses them with his ability to make fire (using a cigarette lighter Charlie Black had accidentally left behind), and becomes their Ruler and Fiery God. He tricks the Marrans into thinking that the people from the Emerald City are planning to attack them and so raises an army of Marrans to launch a preemptive strike on the Emerald City. Ellie’s younger sister Annie and their cousin Tim O’Kelly want to follow Ellie’s example and travel to the Magic Land. Fred Canning sends them a couple of solar-powered mechanical mules that they are able to ride across the great desert to Magic Land. After many adventures, they assist in breaking Urfin’s hold on the Marrans, by the simple expedient of Tim teaching some captured Marrans how to play volleyball and playing games with them rather than fighting them; the rest of the Marrans, realizing that the other inhabitants of Magic Land were not really enemies, desert Urfin, who now realizes his folly in trying to rule by fraud and force. (above information courtesy of Stephen J. Teller)

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