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Merry Go Round in Oz

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis
Wagner, Lauren McGraw
Martin, Dick
Reilly & Lee, Chicago

Young Robin Brown mounts a merry-go-round in Oregon. With the help of some special magic, a fervent wish and the merry-go-round's brass ring, Robin and his scarlet horse fly off to Oz. The horse comes to life and Robin names her Merry Go Round, and they start off on a series of adventures. In another part of Oz the magic rings of Halidom have disappeared! Prince Gules, his stuck up horse Fred, his squire Fess, a flittermouse and a charming Unicorn all set off on a quest to find the lost rings. Filling out this tale are our old favorites Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion who take off on a special errand for Princess Ozma.

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