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To Please a Child: A Biography of L. Frank Baum, Royal Historian of Oz

Baum, Frank Joslyn
MacFall, Russell P.
Reilly & Lee, Chicago

A biography of L. Frank Baum by his oldest son. Title comes from Baum's " To please a child is a sweet and lovely thing that warm's one's heart and brings its own reward." With two photo sections. Frank Joslyn Baum states, " I spent many hours with my father. At Coronado, California, I worked with him daily- typing his plays and making extra copies of his stories for children. We frequently played golf together, and I was on the road with him in 1908 during his lecture tour with the Radio Plays. On many evenings we played chess, a game he especially enjoyed. We were closely associated in the Oz Film Manufacturing Company, of which I eventually became general manager. During the years of such intimate contact, he often confided his recollections to me. Some of these will be found in this book."

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