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Kabumpo in Oz

Thompson, Ruth Plumly
Neill, John Rea
Reilly & Lee, Chicago

Prince Pompadore sets out with his friend, Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant, to seek the hand of Princess Ozma in order to thwart a prophecy that has doomed his kingdom of Pumperdink to disappear forever! Unfortunately, Ruggedo, the former Gnome King, has magically grown to enormous height and run away with the Royal Palace and all of its inhabitants on top of his head. Armed with Glegg's Box of Mixed Magic, the nasty gnome prepares to terrorize the beautiful fairyland and finally rid himself of his sworn enemy, Princess Ozma. Can the Prince and Kabumpo, stop the magnified monarch, rescue the Emerald City, and save Pumperdink in time?

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