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Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society

Van Dyne, Edith (L. Frank Baum)
Nelson, Emile A.
Reilly & Britton, Chicago

The fifth book in this series. The story starts out with Louise's ambitious mother influencing Uncle John to arrange for his three beloved nieces to be introduced to New York Society, even though the girls themselves have no such ambitions. This Uncle John manages by rescuing financially one of the social elite, who prompts his aristocractic (but cold) daughter Diana, a queen of society, to sponsor the three nieces. Diana secretly scorns the three, but does introduce them at a party she gives, where surprisingly the natural, unaffected charms of Louise, Beth, and Patsy make a hit with the sophisticated socialites. The rest of the book concerns the kidnapping and rescue of Louise, and her eventual marriage to Arthur Weldon. As usual, Uncle John foots all the bills.

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