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Wizard of Oz, The: The symbolic quest to find your inner heroes, face your worst enemy, and attain wholeness

Bunch, Charles
IUniverse, Inc.
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The Wizard Of Oz is a timeless classic movie loved by a multitude. The movie’s script was based on the book by L. Frank Baum. While a fantasy story, important metaphors demonstrate real life themes. Like Dorothy Gale of Kansas, we are our own Hero or Heroine on a journey through life. Often we feel small, weak, and simply not up to the challenges at hand. We don’t know what inner strength to use…or if there even is any! And life can dish out monstrous problems that seem like they will engulf us, stop our journey, and even destroy us. Threatening challenges do and must come our way. Through them we find our inner Heroes and get hope to move on. The movie The Wizard Of Oz has symbolism and metaphors that ignite the imagination. The great mythologist Joseph Campbell said that the important stories of our society are hidden in our movies. Guidance and inspiration are found in a vast wealth of films available to all. Cinematherapy is your doorway. Finally, like Dorothy we recognize our inner strengths, face great challenges and return from the quest. In the Kansas farm house with loved ones around, Dorothy sums up the boon of her great quest, “There’s no place like home!”

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