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Munchkins Beyond Oz: The Book

Zellem, Ralph
Ernst, Michael

Ralph S. Zellem is a retired US ARMY Lieutenant Colonel who spent over 21 years on Active Duty in the Army as a Pharmacist and Health Care Administrator. After retiring in 2001, he decided to work with several of the surviving Wizard of Oz Munchkins, promoting and traveling with them throughout the country. Ralph hopes that "Munchkins Beyond Oz - The Book" will become a best seller, and eventually be produced and shown in movie theaters throughout the country. Michael Ernst is a toy inventor of boardgames and a line of plush billiard balls. Recently, one of his favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz, inspired him to create a story called, "Munchkins Beyond Oz - The Book". Michael hopes this tale brings joy to all those who dare to read his book! His adventure story brings back to life his favorite little people in the original movie, the Munchkins!

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